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Pay Philippine Utility Bills While In Canada

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Pay Philippine Utility Bills While In Canada

As a Filipino immigrant in Canada, we sometimes wonder how we can help pay Philippine utility bills of our families back home.

It’s part of our culture. That’s how we were brought up. Therefore, even if our parents explicitly tell us that they don’t need our help, we still feel that responsibility to lighten the load for our families back home.

If you are in Canada, you have very limited options to choose from. There’s a good chance that you will use the services of a few remittance companies to send money back home.

Unfortunately, that opens you up to a few risks.

Imagine the scene below:

Your Inay (mother) messaging you via Facebook: Anak, can you send us some money. Our electricity bill is coming due this week.

You: Inay, I just sent P20,000.00 to you 3 weeks ago. That was for your bills and some extra for groceries. What happened?

Inay: The daughter of your nephew passed by the house to ask for help so she can buy this new dress for her graduation. We gave some of the money you sent. It’s hard to say no to a relative. And they promised to pay it back after a week. It’s been 2 weeks and they haven’t paid it back yet.

You: … <speechless>

Let me know if the above seems familiar to you. I’m sure you’ve encountered variations of that before.

Luckily, that scenario is what Can Pay Bills, Inc. wants to help you avoid.

Pay Your Philippine Bills with Can Pay Bills, Inc.

Incorporated in 2017 and operating out of Toronto, Ontario, Can Pay Bills allows Filipinos based in Canada to pay for their own or their family’s bills back home in the Philippines. It provides a facility and a payment center that accepts payments on billing statements from Philippine companies.

The company made it possible by partnering with Bayad Center, the Philippines’ pioneer and leader in the Outsourced Payment Collection Industry. This enabled the company to accept bills payment for a number of Philippine-based billers.

Signing up for the service

It’s a good thing that Can Pay Bills made signing up for their service easy and convenient.

Currently, Can Pay Bill can assist you in creating your own account via their website OR you can go to their Toronto location and they will gladly create an account for you. If you’re going with the second option, be sure to bring a valid ID with you.

Convenience is the primary focus of this service so signing up online is as easy as providing an email address!

Once signed up, you will receive an email from the company asking you for more details. This will allow them to create a complete profile of you for their records.

How to pay your bills

Once you have an account and you’ve provided the required details, paying your Philippine bills while in Canada is just a matter of reaching out via email or reaching out to Can Pay Bills over the phone.

You can email them or call them to let them know that you want to pay a certain bill with a certain bill amount and they will inform you how much you will need to transfer in Canadian Dollars via Interac. Don’t worry about the exchange rate. They offer very competitive rates compared to remittance companies.

As soon as they have confirmation of your payment, they will proceed to process your bills payment transaction. With Bayad Center’s online facility, transmission and recording of your payment is in real-time. For some billers that allow real-time processing, your payment is posted right away. However, for some billers, it can take as much as a couple of days before your payment is reflected in their system. That is mostly a limitation on the biller than on Can Pay Bills or Bayad Center.

Lastly, after everything is done, you will receive a transaction confirmation and receipt of payment via email.

Easy, right?

Convenience and more

For repeat customers, Can Pay Bills makes it even more convenient to process payments for your monthly or regular bills. Since they keep a record of your bill statement information (i.e. subscriber number, etc.), it’s just a matter of letting them know what bill and amount you want to pay. You can expect them to keep a record of your billing details for easy processing.

They do charge a service fee but it’s reasonable compared to the top-notch service you can expect to receive. Also, there’s no membership fee to worry about when signing up.

A service fee is collected per transaction and a posting fee per bill is also included in the charge. To save on transaction fees, gather all your bills in one payment and pay them at the same time. Service fee is only collected once even if you have a lot of bills to pay.  

If you’re a Filipino living in Canada, Can Pay Bills provides an invaluable service in making things easy for you in your effort to help your family back in the Philippines.

You can visit Can Pay Bills at their address in 328 Wilson Avenue, North York, Ontario M3H1S9. Or you can give them a call – (437) 983-8850.

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