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Mactaquac Park’s Kite Flying Festival

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Mactaquac Kite Flying Festival

It’s the Labor Day weekend! The weather’s nice outside – the sun’s out and the air is cool. It’s still summer but with a hint of autumn in the air.

Friends of Mactaquac Provincial Park is holding their 3rd Annual Kite Flying Festival at York Centennial, Mactaquac Provincial Park. It is scheduled only today, September 1, 2019, from 11:00am to 4:00pm.

Mactaquac Provincial Park is around 20 minutes from Downtown Fredericton. The spot where they’re holding the festival is just around where Treego is. The entrance to it is just around a bend right after the Mactaquac golf course so it’s easy to miss.

When we arrived, we were asked to register our kid’s names. Don’t worry. Registration is free. They just need to take note of how many kids participated in it, I guess.

Once done, you can get some kite-making materials – it’s practically a kit with everything you’ll need including the strings. You can also use some art and coloring materials available to help you personalize your kite.

My daughter had plenty of fun decorating her kite. If you look around, there’s plenty of kids (and adults) who were pretty preoccupied with their own kites. Hey! It’s Mactaquac Park’s Kite Flying Festival, after all.

Mactaquac Kite Flying Festival
Fun times decorating her kite.

It’s more than a Kite Flying Festival

For sure, Kite Flying is it’s main draw – but it’s definitely more than that.

If we’ve known about this festival well in advance, we could’ve prepared a picnic basket and brought a BBQ grill to the park. We saw at least 2 groups grilling under the trees while the kids are at play.

Kids having fun at Mactaquac Kite Flying Festival
A game of Wiffle ball

When we got there, a game of kid’s Wiffle ball was about to begin. At first I was wondering about the balls they were using – it has holes! – and I had to google to find out what the game was! Hint: it’s just like baseball.

And it's not just kids participating in the fun at Mactaquac Kite Flying Festival
Even the adults can participate in the fun!

To sum it all, it was a fun afternoon spent at the park. We are very thankful to the volunteers for making this possible every year. I’m sure there’s a lot of hard work that went into making this event a success.

Mactaquac Kite Flying Festival
We’ll definitely come back to this place!

This is our first time to go to this Kite Flying Festival. We had fun this year. If we’ll have a chance, we’ll definitely try to go again next year!

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