Sun. Jul 5th, 2020

Roadtripping Juans

Adventures in Canada and Beyond

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Our Team

Get to know the team behind Roadtripping Juans who really have nothing else better to do:


Books. Movies. Musicals. Golf. Running. Sleeping.

Food lover. Coffee drinker. Clean Freak. Wannabe Chef. Frustrated Doctor. Master nagger.

Part-time Hobbit. Part-time Wizard. Full-Time Nerd. Padawan for life.

Backroom Scientist

A confident wife and mother who strives to succeed at everything. She’s bold, occasionally funny and usually friends with everyone but it will surely take a lot to win her trust.

She’s running her own race at her own pace. But she hopes to give of herself in both big and little ways.

The Viewfinder

He can't read percussion notation but he can definitely play music using the sticks. 1 part chef, 2 parts shutter geek, 3 parts neat freak. Full-time family man.

He sees you as an equal but he expects you to act as one.

Regular Good Guy

An IT Project Manager by profession and a Jack-of-all-Trade, Master-of-None. Hobbies include tinkering with their home network, home automation, weight training and - at present - cycling.

He dreams of owning a motorcycle and doing a road trip across North America - assuming his wife will let him.

Master Chef

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