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Happy Book Lovers Day!

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Book Lovers Day

Book Lovers Day (aka National Book Lovers Day in the US) is observed every August 9 every year.

According to Wikipedia, this is an unofficial holiday to encourage book lovers to celebrate reading and literature. People are to put away their smartphones and every possible technological distraction and pick up a book to read. It is widely recognized on a global scale yet its origin and creator remains unknown to date.

The hashtag #bookloversday is trending today on Twitter. Even Newsweek came out with a list of interesting books you can read in one day.

So, what are you waiting for? Turn off your computer and put down your smartphone. It’s time to curl up on the couch and pick up a good book to read.

Just don’t forget to get back here with us in Roadtripping Juans when you’re done with your book.

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