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Becoming A Canadian Immigrant

Becoming a Canadian Immigrant

Some people we know always ask us how and why we decided to come up with this website – Roadtripping Juans.

We can actually come up with a number of reasons why – all of them either personal or noble. However, we feel that the most important purpose for us of this site is to help potential Canadian immigration applicants. Potential applicants – like us, previously – who find it hard to wade through the maze of information out there.

Our Canada Immigration Journey

We started Roadtripping Juans with the idea of sharing our journey through the immigration application process of Canada. On this site, we’d like to share our different perspectives including the challenges and concerns we had during our journey. This is in the hope that you’ll have a better understanding of what potentially lies ahead in your own application process to Canada.

For our immigration application journey, you might want to read how we went through it below. We do our best to recall the process we went through as we went through the application process from IELTS, Express Entry profile creation, Provincial Nominee Program and up to issuance of permanent residence visa.

Canada Immigration Journey

Our Canada Immigration Journey

We started Roadtripping Juans with the idea of sharing our journey through the immigration application process to Canada. We'll be collecting everything in this section so bear with us as ...
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Moving to Canada

In addition to our Canadian Immigration journey, we recall the steps we went through in preparation to moving to Canada. This was when we already had our Permanent Residence Visas but still prior to finally landing in Canada.

You can read below about the preparations we did prior to landing in Canada.

Moving to Canada

Moving to Canada

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Living in Canada

Also, we try to discuss some topics that we feel will be a big help for you as new immigrants in Canada. Topics and articles that we hope was there back when we were new arrivals in Canada.

Immigration Updates

Lastly, in order to further help potential immigrants, we aim to provide updates on Canadian immigration news. Updates from the latest draws up to Provincial Nominee programs available to applicants.

You can read more below:

If you’re planning to migrate to Canada, good luck! We hope our efforts here in this website will be able help you out in your own application.

Consider this our way of ‘Paying It Forward’.

Please regularly check in with us here in Roadtripping Juans for updates. Also, you can follow us on social media via Facebook and Twitter.

Alternatively, you can contact us or leave a comment below.

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