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NBPNP – Submitting your Expression of Interest

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Expression of Interest

This article deals with the submission of Expression of Interest to New Brunswick PNP. It is a part of a series of posts called “Our Canada Immigration Journey“. We will be releasing a number of posts under this series in the next weeks.

We hope that this series will help guide you in your own journey of achieving that dream of living your life in Canada.

Our Expression of Interest Submission

The day after the info session that we attended, we quickly submitted our Expression of Interest (EOI) to New Brunswick. As mentioned in our previous article, having attended an info session in Manila, we were feeling pretty confident that our EOI will be successful. Therefore, we did our best to submit our EOI as soon as we could.

As recommended by a New Brunswick representative during the info session, we submitted the following documents:

  • EOI form
  • Proof of registration to the info session
  • IELTS score
  • WES report
  • CV/Resume

Officially, the EOI form and your Proof of registration to the info session should be enough. However, we already did our IELTS and WES so we thought that including those documents could help us. As such, it won’t give the person doing the evaluation a reason to reject our application. We just want to give ourselves a better chance in getting that Provincial Nomination.

The EOI form will ask for the same set of information that CIC usually require from applicants. However, it has an additional question – “Why are you a good candidate for New Brunswick PNP?“. Your answer should be as simple as “With more than XX years as a XXXX, I have the necessary experience, expertise and education to allow me to successfully settle in New Brunswick“.

We emailed the completed form and our supporting documents to [email protected]. For those who attended info sessions like us, you should place in the subject line something like “NBNP Information Session/Manila; MM DD YY“. This will allow NB staff to quickly identify and prioritize your application accordingly.

Next, once they have your application, you should receive an acknowledgment from New Brunswick on your application.

Update: Expression of Interest Submission for NBPNP

As what you might have noticed in the previous section, the process we went through when submitting our EOI is a bit old school. Although via email, that mode of submission is still what we call a paper-based submission.

As of September 2019, New Brunswick moved from their traditional way of accepting applicants to a better web-based version of it.

Expression of Interest

New Way to Apply, Same Requirements

To start your application to NBPNP, you need to go online and visit the province’s own immigration portal – inb.gnb.ca. Assuming you don’t have an online account yet with New Brunswick, you need to click on ‘Register‘ to create your own profile. Otherwise, just enter your username and password to log in.

Registering is easy and can be done quickly. Once done, you’ll get an email similar to below:

Expression of Interest

Once in the portal, you should be able to see pertinent details such as your Candidate ID and status of your submission. If you’re a new applicant, click on the button ‘New‘ within the My EOI Registration section.

Expression of Interest

Afterwards, you’ll be presented with open streams under NBPNP that you can apply for. Take the time to click on each of the available streams. The system will provide you with an overview of the high-level requirements for each.

Expression of Interest

If you’re like us, you will be choosing ‘Express Entry Labour Market Stream’ and then click on Start My EOI.

This will lead you to a series of fields requiring you to input all of your details including your spouse. Take note that you need to input your actual results based on your WES report and IELTS results. Keying in the incorrect information might be construed as misrepresentation. And it might get your application rejected.

Continue with your online application until submission.


Together with the new portal, New Brunswick also introduced the following requirements as part of EOI submission:

Submission Acknowledgement

Once done, you’ll be brought back to your dashboard. However, this time, you’ll notice you have an existing application at the bottom of the page. It will also show you the current status.

Expression of Interest

Also, you’ll notice at the top right corner is your Notification Center. It will notify you if you have any message or communication from New Brunswick.

For example, since you just submitted your application, you’ll receive a confirmation message from New Brunswick acknowledging your submission. Clicking on the message will show you something similar to below:

Expression of Interest

Final Thoughts

There you have it.

You’ve successfully submitted your Expression of Interest to New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program. Don’t forget to frequently check your email. New Brunswick’s application portal will be informing you via email if you have a new notification. You will then have to log in online to retrieve the actual message.

As always, good luck!

This article deals with the submission of Expression of Interest to New Brunswick PNP. It is a part of a series of posts called “Our Canada Immigration Journey“. Check often with us here in Roadtripping Juans for more on this series.

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