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Going to New Brunswick’s Kings Landing

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Kings Landing

We’ve always wanted to go to Kings Landing and do a tour around the place. However, the price of admission has always been a hurdle.

Luckily, we came across an end of season promotion. The promo calls for a visit to any New Brunswick Public Library where you can get your free pass. You will need to present your library card in order to get the freebie.

As such, we went to the library at downtown Fredericton to claim our tickets – 2 adults and 2 kids. That’s around $70.00 in value. Great!

Anyway, we cleared our calendars last Saturday and decided to use the free tickets.

New Brunswick’s Kings Landing is set up to be a living history museum with original buildings from the period 1820-1920. It is set up to depict life in New Brunswick during a period when early Anglo-American settlers live together will Scottish, Irish and English immigrants.

The intention was for Kings Landing to represent rural New Brunswick during the 19th and 20th century. It was never intended to replicate an actual village.

Kings Landing
Not about Game of Thrones, folks…

Kings Landing is located in Lower Prince William, New Brunswick. It’s around 30 kilometers from downtown Fredericton.

After a short 25 minute drive on a leisurely Saturday afternoon, you won’t have any problem finding a spot to park in. They have space big enough to accommodate everyone – even during peak season.

Getting off the car and walking to the front desk, you’ll walk by two markers shown below. Click on the pictures in the gallery below for a closer look.

Kings Landing Visitors Area

Kings Landing
Kings Landing Lobby

Once inside the lobby, you’ll be met by friendly staff standing behind the counter. They’ll accept payment for entry tickets and will issue you a sticker to indicate that you’re a paid guest.

Kings Landing
Exhibit Hall near the Reception area

At the left side of the counter you’ll find a small exhibit that display artworks depicting period life and also a collection of artifacts and restoration items. It’s well worth a quick walk around the exhibit room. It’s interesting!

Inside the lobby, you’ll find various educational displays similar to below. Click on the pictures in the gallery below for a closer look.

Inside Kings Landing, you can explore the village…

Once you’ve paid and is through the entrance doors, you’ll be met by the view below.

Kings Landing
View from near the entrance of Kings Landing

It’s tempting to assume that that initial view is everything there is to see in Kings Landing. However, the real treat can be found further downhill. You will have to wait for a horse drawn carriage to transport you to the village.

Kings Landing
Your transport to the village downhill…

The carriage will drop you off near the edge of the village. From there, you’ll get a chance explore the entire village and look around the place.

Kings Landing
The town church

Click on the pictures in the gallery below for a closer look.

Or, you can visit the workshops…

There are various workshops where you can drop in and watch the residents at work. When we arrived, a blacksmith and a carpenter were busy working at their respective shops. And when I say ‘working’, they were really hard at work. I mean, the blacksmith’s really working and showing us how the craft worked during the 1800s. He even showed us how a small coat hanger was made back then. Cool!

Kings Landing
The town blacksmith
Kings Landing
The town carpenter

Or, you can drop by and visit one of the houses.

A visit to Kings Landing is not complete if you don’t drop by the houses scattered around the village.

At each house, you’ll see housekeepers in different degrees of preoccupation. When you walk in, the lady of the house might be busy with the dishwashing. In another, another might be busy with some needlework.

This is really the definition of a ‘living history museum’.

In one house we visited, the housekeeper just finished preparing spaghetti squash. We were offered a small plate to try and it was delicious. Tastes different – but still delicious. First time for me to try that dish!

There’s a lot of houses that you can visit! Don’t hesitate to explore, drop in, and have a chat with the residents.

Kings Landing
Their fireplace…

Click on the pictures in the gallery below for a closer look.

A treat from start to end.

At the end of the day, near closing time, we started doing a beeline to the nearby clearing that serves as a waiting area for the horse carriage back to the Visitors Area.

While waiting, you’ll get to watch – and even participate if you want – to a song and dance performance with the residents of Kings Landing. Watch the video below:

Below is a picture of the nice staff of Kings Landing:

Kings Landing

Overall, it was a fun and educational day – especially for the kids. Well worth the 25 minute drive from Fredericton, for sure!

According to their page, the free passes promotion is only for the whole month of September. As such, you still have time tomorrow to get your free passes!

In case you miss it this year, I do believe this promotion is an annual thing at Kings Landing – especially right before they gear up for their Fall season of activities. So, mark it on your calendar so you won’t forget next year!

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