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Best Korean BBQ in Moncton

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Mansu BBQ

While we were out in Moncton, NB checking out the local Tidal Bore, we took the opportunity to crowdsource via Facebook for the best Korean BBQ restaurant in town. The overwhelming recommendation came out to be this little gem.

Mansu BBQ of Moncton

Mansu BBQ is a family owned and operated Korean restaurant out of Dieppe, Moncton. It’s along Acadie Avenue and right before Chartersville Road if you’re coming from downtown. It’s just across an Irving Gas Station so it’s very hard to miss.

Space inside is small and limited. You can say optimistically that it lends a nice and intimate ambiance to the place. However, you might want to call in advance to reserve a table during peak hours as it can get quite packed.

You can also opt to sit outside to enjoy the warm sunny weather during the summer.

Once you’re seated, you’re presented with a simple menu of Korean bestsellers. These range from simple Korean rolls to full-on lunch and dinner combos.

Mansu BBQ Dish Combo

After browsing through their selection, I settled on a Korean Beef BBQ (Bulgogi) in their Mansu BBQ dish combo. As a combo, it comes with a choice of either steamed rice, rice patty or noodles. You also get to choose an appetizer of your choice – I went for the fried Spring Rolls. To top it all off, it also comes with a small Wonton soup to kick off the meal.

If you’re used to Asian fusion food, their fried Spring Rolls are nothing special. Just your typical Asian Spring Roll.

Same goes with their Wonton soup. Although it’s a small bowl, I felt that the Wontons could’ve been a tad bigger. What we got are small, bite-sized ones.

Moncton Korean Beef BBQ Bulgogi
Korean Beef BBQ – Bulgogi

Their Korean Beef BBQ (Bulgogi) is made up of soft beef slices mixed with their in-house mix of Korean BBQ sauce. It’s neither too salty nor too sweet. It comes with a generous serving of stir-fried vegetables that balances out the BBQ flavor for a delicious fare and topped off with a spoonful of cashew nuts. Those with allergies can request to skip on the nuts.

Their serving is just enough for lunchtime appetites. However, if you’re going for a combo like I did, it’s a good idea to share the appetizers with someone else.

While there’s nothing special with the appetizer and the soup that comes with it, it still tastes like the typical Asian food that we were used to. The highlight of the meal is definitely their Beef BBQ (Bulgogi) which is excellent and well represented that authentic Korean BBQ taste that we were looking for.

You can check their Facebook page for more details.

Mansu BBQ









  • Authentic Korean taste
  • Decent price for Asian food


  • Long wait during peak hours if you don't call in advance