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A Festival Of Colors in Crabbe Mountain

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A Festival of Colors

October 14 is Thanksgiving Day in Canada and we took advantage of the long weekend by attending an event called the Festival Of Colors in Crabbe Mountain.

Fall has always been my favorite season. The explosion of colors. The sweet smell of autumn in the air. It is really an experience to behold.

Last weekend, we had an opportunity for a quick family getaway. As such, we took the opportunity to take the 45 minute drive from Fredericton to Crabbe Mountain for their Festival of Colors event.

For those who are not familiar with Crabbe Mountain, it is mostly known for its excellent downhill skiing slopes during the winter. During the summer, the terrain is mostly used for hiking and mountain biking as it has an excellent number of adventure trails. If you’re into hiking, it’s a good place to indulge in your hobby.

Upon arrival, the parking lot was packed. We managed to find parking at the far end of the lot and just walked to the entrance.

Right by the entrance, you’ll see a number of animals in a holding pen. Young visitors enjoyed themselves just petting and feeding the animals.

A Festival of Colors Crabbe Mountain
A Festival of Colors Crabbe Mountain

If you want to feed the animals, you’ll have to spend $1 at a feed dispenser for a handful of animal feed. At first blush, it looks like a lot. However, if you’re looking to feed that camel in the picture above, he’ll do short work of that handful.

A little further in, we found a number of tables where kids were busy decorating their pumpkins. This particular activity is free of charge. Just choose your pumpkin, find any available paint and brush and away you go. It’s a simple yet fun activity with the kids.

A Festival of Colors Crabbe Mountain
A Festival of Colors Crabbe Mountain

A Festival of Colors

The highlight of our visit here was the trek downhill. It’s the Festival of Colors because it’s a chance to enjoy the explosion of color that autumn brings. As such, the best way to do that is by walking your way downhill through lush trees and vegetation.

You’ll find a number of smaller, quiet paths similar to below where you’ll get to see the bright colors of autumn around you.

A Festival of Colors Crabbe Mountain
A Festival of Colors Crabbe Mountain

Along the way, you’ll get to enjoy breathtaking views similar to the above. That picture doesn’t do the beauty of autumn any justice – it’s simply breathtaking and is a sight to behold.

The only complaint that I personally have during our adventure here is the distance that you have to walk downhill. It’s probably a couple of kilometers down a rocky and grassy path.

And how steep it is? Very steep. Halfway down the walk, my legs started shaking with every step. And my knees started acting up. Made me realize I am getting old.

The only redeeming factor of that hike? It was the roughly 20-30 minute ride in a ski lift that will bring you back up the hill.

Overall, it was a tiring day but well worth it. It’s only a one day event so, if you missed it this year, you’ll have to wait for next year to experience it. The wait is worth it so make sure to mark it in your calendar next year.

PS: It’s been 2 days since we went to Crabbe Mountain and my legs are a bit sore from the walk. Sigh.

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